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The Girl In Green.

Hello, and welcome to The Floralicious Designs! 

Growing up through high school, flowers and designing turned into a passion. Competing in floral competitions, group events and taking part in anything floral! Yep, that’s me! We all know a crazy cat lady, and YES, you now know a crazy flower lady also! I’m Rebecca! I set up The Floralicious Designs when I was 20 years old. I felt after shadowing in other flower shops, it was time for me to be daring and show my style, my designs and my personality through flowers to the public eye. Leaving high school at 16 years old, heading to college to study floristry, working daily in local flower shops, graduating college and working full time for other vendors, to now, running my own floral business at 20. Scary, yes I know…but I do not look back!  I literally love what I do! Working with so many varieties of beautiful, scented blooms, ranging in so many colours, and most importantly turning dreams into reality for our wedding clients!  I love it!

So, hello and welcome to our Floralicious Blog.

Where you will see all the floral magic, in and out of the studio. You will be able to keep up to date with all the floral action, day to day, weddings, events, and lots more – here on our “Follow Us” Tab.

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